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  • Abec 11

    Abec 11 is a well known manufacturer frol longboarding industry. Abec 11 offers high quality longboard wheels and other accesories.

  • Alien Workshop

    Alien Workshop was born Oct. 1990 from the concept of creating a different type of skateboard company. From inception, AWS's approach has always been to operate on it's own terms, allowing the deliberate isolation of it's Ohio based HQ to inspire and influence it's style and personality. With 20 years of history and quality products under it's belt, AWS continues to push and produce innovative skateboards and accessories with the same passion and drive as the day it was founded. Limitless by design.

  • Amphetamine

    Amphetamine is proud to offer a wide range of high quality skateboard bearings that meet the needs of all skaters.

    From our classic series of ABEC 3, ABEC 5, and ABEC 7 bearings right through to our top-of-the-line Ceramix Gold, all of our bearings are designed and manufactured to live up to the high demands of all aspects of skateboarding.

    Whether you're into street skating, hitting ramps and bowls, or you just love speeding downhill on a longboard, AMPHETAMINE BEARINGS has the right bearing for your skating needs.

  • Atom Longboards

    Atom is a longboard brand dedicated to longboarding. Atom offers a wide range of longskate boards for freeriding, carving as well as cruising. 

  • Birdhouse Skateboard

    In 1992, at a time in skateboard history when the business of skateboarding was looking bleak, Tony Hawk did the unthinkable…he started a skateboard company. Originally named Birdhouse Projects, it was founded on the premise that, if you love something, you support it and and nurture it. You put the best, most dedicated team of skateboarders together and you do what you love…skateboard. And 24 years later, Birdhouse is still thriving, with one of the best teams in the sport, built on respect, camaraderie, authenticity and a love for what they do.

  • Blood Orange Longboarding

    Blood Orange is longboarding accessories manufacturer well known for its high quality bushings and wheels. 

  • Bustin Longboards

    Bustin Boards wa created in 2001 "by skaters for skaters". This Brooklyn, New York, manufacturer is dedicated to technical and high quality longboards production. We have selected Bustin longboards as one of our top brands for their Core spirit and quality products.

  • Caliber trucks

    Caliber is a longboard trucks manufacturer which is highly focused on quality and product's design. Caliber trucks are refined, performing and precise. In Caliber's range, you will find a wide choice of colors to customize your longboard.

  • Carver Skateboards

    Carver is one of the most innovative longboard manufacturer. With its pivoting surf skate truck, the Carver boards allow the rider to ride without pushing and to turn very short. For awesome surfing sensations, Carver is definitely the best option. 

  • Creature Skateboards



    Le label marqua un grand coup avec la réalisation de decks de skateboard en y intégrant la technologie "P2", qui résulte d'un mélange détonnant de fibres d'aramide avec des plies d'érable canadien. Ce dernier donnant plus de rigidité aux boards tout en apportant un pop de l'espace sidéral. Ces plateaux de haute qualité ont su faire leur preuve au court des années dans la communauté et plaça Creature au sommet des marques de skate.

  • Deville Longboards

    Deville longboards is a US manufacturer from Ventura, California. One of the great assets of Deville is the good price / quality rate of their complete longboards. At longskate boardshop we do like the following boards : Deville Diner for freeriding and deville Interstate for cruising. 

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  • Divine wheels Co

    Divine provides high quality longboard wheels for all longboarding disciplines. All Divine wheels are durable and precise.

  • Free Wheels - Longboard Wheels

    Free wheels provides great longboard wheels. Free Wheels' range includes long lasting freeride wheels such as the Thoughts or the Dumbs. 

  • G-form

    G-form offers a range of innovative body protections for action sports. These protections are light and very ergonomic in order to leave a huge movement freedom to the riders. G-form products perfectly suit all longboarding disciplines.

  • Globe Skateboards

    Well known in the skateboarding world and nowadays in the urban clothings market, Globe has been one of the first boardsport brand to surf on the big longboard rise that happen during the past years. The brand offers a wide range of complete longboards and accesories. 

    Globe is not a "pure player" such as Sector 9 or Landyachtz but its ranges are impressive, features most boards types and cover all riding styles. Moreover, a very good work has been achieved on graphics on all Globe longboard ranges.  

  • Gullwing Trucks

    Sector 9's truck range includes several high quality, solid and precise models. Gullwing often innovates by creating longboard trucks such as the Sidewinders featuring a double kingpin system, being incredibly precise and offering amazing surfing sensations. Moreover, Gullwing's Chargers, reverse kingpin trucks, are great sellers thanks to their strength and versatility.

  • Hillbilly Protective Gear

    Hillbilly offers efficient and durable protective gear for landboarding and longboarding. 

  • Honey

    Honey is a US handcrafted Longboard manufacturer. Honey offers decks showing an awesome finishing.

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  • Hydroponic

    Hydroponic is skateboarding and longboarding manufacturer well known for its high quality / performing downhill longskates.

  • Landyachtz Longboards

    Landyachtz est one of the most respected longboard brands. Created in 1997 in Canada by Michael  Perreten et Thomas Edstrand, Landyachtz has never stopped innovating by offering very advanced longboards with a unique manufacturing quality. 

    Landyachtz offers several longboards ranges suiting to Downhill riding, Freeriding, dancing, cruising as well as street riding. No matter what your style is, you will find your dream board in Landyachtz ranges.

  • Loaded Longboards

    Loaded is one of the longboard leaders brands. Known to offer products that are very powerful technically speaking and featuring very high quality manufacturing, Loaded longboards is one of those brands that never desappoints.

    Based in Culver city, California, Loaded longboards was founded by Don Tashman in 2002. This manufacturer can be considered as "Core" and actively participate to developping longboarding.

    Among the boards from Loaded range : Loaded Tan Tien, Loaded Dervish Sama, Fattail or Bhangra...

  • Long Island Longboards

    Long Island is a spannish longboard manufacturer. long Island owns its proper factory in the Spanish "Paìs Vasco". Therefor, all the deck production is made in Europe. Longisland offer a complete range of freeride, freestyle and cruising dedicated longboards. We strongly appreciate their freestyle drop through board such as the Pointer or the Duo. The complete Long Island longboard come with Bear Reversed king Pin trucks.

  • Magenta - Planches de Skateboards

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  • Maui and Sons Longboards

    Maui & Sons, well known brand from the surfwear industry, offers a cool longboard range at low prices for riders steering towards cruising or freeriding. Definitely surf oriented, Maui and sons had to bring on the table longboards to use when the ocean is flat... Like other products from M&S, the longboards' graphics are colorful !

  • MBS Mountainboards

    MBS is leading manufacturer in the mountainboarding / Landboarding area. MBS is based in the US (Colorado) and the pioneer mountainboarding. For more than 20 years, MBS produce a wide range of amazing landboards, accessories and protections.

  • Moonshine MFG

    Moonshine MFG was born on the factory floor by a group of passionate skateboarders who believed it was possible to use NEW technology to build a better deck. Founded in 2010 the Moonshine Factory was building Slingshot Kiteboards, Slingshot Wakeboards and Remote Wakeskates.The employee’s building these boards knew it was possible to use the materials, machinery and process to build a revolutionary longboard skateboarding deck. On their own time, these skateboarders designed, developed and provided a final working prototype to the Moonshine Operations Manager. These prototypes were given to some top riders for testing and the feedback was extremely positive. In the spring of 2014 the decision was made that our skateboarders would have their own brand (Moonshine MFG) to develop and grow. Increased investment in the design team and production line capacity was given to the skateboarders in the factory to support their vision.

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  • Never Summer longboards

    Never Summer, famous high quality snowboards manufacturer, is also one of the most innovative longboards brands. The construction of Never summer longboards is just unique thanks to its passionate crew working mainly with their own hands. If you are looking for an stunning longboard, handmade by real craftsmen and featuring technical specs on top : you can run on Never Summer longboards with no hesitation !

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  • Orangatang Wheels

    Orangatang is a longboard wheels leading manufacturer. Its wheels are durable and highly performing. Orangatang is part of Loaded's house and as for the longboard decks, the wheels are designed and produced to offer a high quality product to the riders.  

  • Original Skateboards

    Original skateboards is one of the top longboarding manafacturers. Founded by Brad and Scott Imbries when they were only 17 and 20 Yo, Original provides high quality longboard decks and parts. 

  • Oust Speed Bearing

    After several years of research Oust, Inc. has developed a hybrid skateboard bearing named the MOC SERIES.

    These bearings meet all the critical factors for aggressive skateboarding. Unlike the common 608 bearings that are presently being used in the skateboarding industry which only require a radial load roll-out, OUST Inc. has designed a hybrid bearing which meet all the criteria for Static, Dynamic and Impact loads as well as bearing misalignment caused by torque.

  • Paris Trucks

    Paris is the leader brand in the longboarding trucks area. Paris offers trucks that are versatile, strong and stable at high speed while keeping a decent price. Those longboard trucks are available in various types of color combinaisons. In Paris range, the V2 RKP trucks are the best seller and will suit to most longboarders.

  • Plan B

    In 1991, famous skateboarders such as Mike Tenarsky, Danny Way or Paul Rodriguez decides to create a skateboard brand which is different than the others : Plan B was born and reflects attitues et personal visions of different skaters. 

  • Predator


    Predator is a Vancouver Canada based company focused on designing and manufacturing helmets for action sports. Our design philosophy is to create the safest, most comfortable helmets with clean, simple and aesthetically pleasing lines. Predator integrates feedback from both recreational and pro riders to maintain their focus, making Predator the trusted choice worldwide.

    Owner and designer, Matt Kelly, mixes his passion for skateboarding, his background in competitive whitewater kayaking and over seventeen years experience designing and manufacturing in the action sports industry to create helmets of superior design and quality.

  • Rayne Longboards

    Rayne offers high quality longboards, very much appreciated by the racing community and most riders looking for serious performances.

    Rayne Longboards are produced in Canada by a team of real passionates, always trying to push innovations and be creative. Quality demand is part of Rayne's brand spirit who makes longboards for pros as well as beginners who are paying much attention to what they have under their feet.

    The crew and the team riders have made Rayne a very respected brand in the longboarding community.

  • Real Skateboard

    Founded back in 1991 by Tommy Guerrero & Jim Thiebaud, Real Skateboard company don’t make special decks for his team riders and then sell decks of lesser quality. The same decks the team rides are the ones it sell.

  • Remember

    Remember est une  marque de roues de longboard proposant un excellent rapport qualité / prix.

  • Riviera Skateboard

    Riviera skateboards produces high quality longboards, cruisers and skateboards. Riviera's roots come from surfing as well as old school skateboarding. One idea : Skateboarding has no rules ...