Paris Truck V2 - 180 mm - 50° - Black

The V2 Paris are the most sold longboard trucks in the world. They are versatile, strong and precise. They will suit a huge number of riders to practice freeriding as well as carving or dancing. The Paris V2 will perform on all types of terrains. Here is the 180mm Black version.

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Longboard Truck Paris V2 180mm 50° Black

Paris V2 are definitely the best sellers of all longboarding trucks. Many big players such as Loaded or Bustin use them with their complete boards. The V2 Paris really are versatile RKP (Reversed KingPin) trucks. They come together with 90a Divine bushings.


Paris V2 trucks 180mm 50° Black Specs


Riding style : Freeride - Downhill - Freestyle - Dancing - Cruising

Overall specs :


Hanger : 180 mm 

Baseplate : 50°

Axle diameter : 8 mm 

Bushing : Divine 90a

Kingpin :  Grade 8 steel (Reversed kingpin)

Color : Black

Other : Available per unit 



Poids (kg)0.46
Axle diameter (mm)8
Bushings hardness89a
Hanger width (mm)180

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