Orangatang The Kilmer Wheels 69 mm - 83a

You are looking for endless power slides and awesome freeriding sessions but you like to try the other longboard disciplines out ? Orangatang The Kilmer are the wheels you need ! The 69 mm / 83a (hardness) purple model provides a really good balance between slide potential and comfort. (sets of 4 wheels)

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Longboard Wheels Orangatang The Kilmer 69 mm - 83A - Purple

The Kilmer from Orangatang are the most suitable wheels for freeride longboarding and riders of all levels.

We strongly advise this model for their control / durability / sensations. Orangatang The Kilmer are a real pleasure for power slides and provide the best control on any type of grounds. The purple ones (83a duro) offer a great balance between slide potential and high speed freeride control. 



Orangatang The Kilmer Purple specs


Riding style : Freeride - Slide - Surf Style

Overall specs :


Diameter : 69 mm 

Width : 48 mm

Lips : Rounded 

Contact patch : 39.5 mm

Noyau : Centerset

Material :  PeachyThane  

Hardness : 83a

Color : Purple

Other : Set of 4


Length (cm)101.6
Width (cm)25.4
Poids (kg)3.6
Meilleur roue de slide

Pour l'instant, c'est la meilleur roue de slide que j'ai mis sur ma Mini Shaka. Ca fait que quelques semaines qu'elles sont montées sur la board mais peu d'usure.

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